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CRAFT MAGAZINE | Autumn/Winter 2022 | Puppy Biscuits

MUSEO DEL AGUA | Impacto Humano | Fotogaleria Del Palacio Las Aguas

TIME | A Vibrant North Korean Community in London Finds Its Days Are Numbered

ANJA | Studio

MINT MAGAZINE | Issue 24 | Cover | Rise of the Mongolians

NOWNESS | Meet the Artists | Art Basel : Cecilia Vicuña

LAND | Henry Carroll

A startlingly insightful look at sublime landscapes from bestselling author and art writer Henry Carroll, with images from today's most innovative photographers. How do the most diverse and relevant voices of contemporary photography respond to the urgent issues of today?

LAND, considers humanity’s changing relationship with the sublime, a relationship that has seen us edge further away from real encounters. The photographs explore how the sublime can, and has been, commodified, packaged, and distributed, leading to an alarming emotional distancing. With images from a diverse group of photographers, Carroll explores the impermanence of borders, the human reaction to scenes of devastation on Instagram feeds, and the many variables that inform one’s relationship to land. He considers how a photographer’s response to landscape is subjective, full of meaning that’s colored by their own psyches, foibles, fears, and hopes.

Publisher: Abrams 
Number of pages: 144 
Dimensions: 178 x 127 mm

THE NEW YORK TIMES | Headway | The Climate Profit Buried in Scotland's Bogs


CRAFT MAGAZINE | Issue 294 | Furthermore Studio

Inaugural exhibition | Musée départemental Albert-Kahn

Autour du Monde

La traversée des images, d’Albert Kahn à Curiosity

Boulogne-Billancourt, France, March 12 to November 13, 2022.

CREATIVE REVIEW | Photography Annual 2021 | Patek Philippe | Born From Sea Foam

Honourable Mention


NOWNESS | Audemars Piguet | Anatomy of an Artist : Aleksandra Domanović

Anatomy of an Artist: Aleksandra Domanović

The artist's research-based installation offers a new reflection on seeing and perceiving

Berlin-based artist Aleksandra Domanović has been exploring technology, history, and identity in sculptures, videos, and digital artworks for over a decade. Her research-based practice was on full display in 'Becoming Another' (2021), Audemars Piguet Contemporary's first artwork commission presented in the German capital, which opened during the autumn edition of Gallery Weekend Berlin.

The commission enabled Domanović to take her ongoing research into medical imaging and create her first large-scale site-specific work that proffers a visual distinction between seeing and perceiving. Born in former Yugoslavia, the artist became familiar with ultrasound technology at an early age (her mother was a radiologist). However it was not until years later, after reading a book by feminist quantum physicist Karen Barad titled 'Meeting the Universe Halfway', that she began to fully incorporate ultrasound technology, both its subject matter and concept, into her work.


Land Forms | Menotrentuno

CLAN MAGAZINE | Stand By Me | Issue 03

The Modern House | Issue 03 | Studio Small

The Modern House 03 | Launch Party Exhibition | Studio Small

Thursday October 7th 2021

We will be bringing some of the stories in the issue to life on the night, with a photography exhibition of Catherine Hyland’s landscapes exploring identity and place in the UK, a showcase of quilts made by Arrange Whatever Pieces Come Your Way, and scents from Cremate London. Plus, Max Rocha's Café Cecilia will be serving canapés, and our bar menu has been specially put together by our friends at Top Cuvée.

The Modern House
St. Alphege Hall, King's Bench St
London SE1 0QX