Catherine Hyland


MOON ROCK | Furthermore Studio

'Moon Rock imagines a not-too-distant future when lunar mining could take the strain off material resources on earth'

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CRAFT MAGAZINE | Autumn/Winter 2022 | Puppy Biscuits

TIME | A Vibrant North Korean Community in London Finds Its Days Are Numbered

MINT MAGAZINE | Issue 24 | Cover | Rise of the Mongolians

LAND | Henry Carroll

A startlingly insightful look at sublime landscapes from bestselling author and art writer Henry Carroll, with images from today's most innovative photographers. How do the most diverse and relevant voices of contemporary photography respond to the urgent issues of today?

LAND, considers humanity’s changing relationship with the sublime, a relationship that has seen us edge further away from real encounters. The photographs explore how the sublime can, and has been, commodified, packaged, and distributed, leading to an alarming emotional distancing. With images from a diverse group of photographers, Carroll explores the impermanence of borders, the human reaction to scenes of devastation on Instagram feeds, and the many variables that inform one’s relationship to land. He considers how a photographer’s response to landscape is subjective, full of meaning that’s colored by their own psyches, foibles, fears, and hopes.

Publisher: Abrams 
Number of pages: 144 
Dimensions: 178 x 127 mm


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